How To Benefit From An eBook?

How to benefit from an eBook?

Have you ever downloaded a free eBook? Why some companies are offering free eBooks? What is their interest on it?

Let’s find out answers and discuss if it is good to use eBooks as a marketing strategy.

eBooks are a part of content marketing and a method for generating leads. You prepare and publish an eBook about your expertise area. In return, you ask for some information which will be valuable for you from your audience like their email.

Generate Leads

The goal of creating an eBook is generating leads. You need to ask for contact information before you send the book to the visitor. Thanks to this strategy, you will grow your contact list. In your eBook you will show that you know what you are talking about. Remember that you are the expert there and you are sharing your knowledge and experience for free. Once they submit the contact form, they are taking a place in your marketing funnel. After that you will try to convert this visitor to a user or customer. As an example, think an SEO agency that offer a free eBook about content marketing and ask for email to send the book. If I provide my email and download the book, I enter the funnel. In the next step, the agency will contact me and inform me about their services.

Use It For Your Marketing Campaigns

As we mentioned above, eBook is a content marketing strategy by itself. However, you can use it for further marketing campaigns as well. You can take the best chapters and generate blog posts, infographics and podcast using them. It is also good for creating an email marketing campaign where you promote your eBook.

BONUS: Your eBook is ready, and you can’t wait to see results. The question is how to market it. You need to have a good marketing plan to promote your eBook, otherwise, there will be no value. I strongly recommend you create a landing page for your eBook with an SEO text. This landing page should clearly show what the eBook is about and why it is valuable. Also, keep your form short and ask for minimum information. When the first version of your landing page is done you can run an A/B testing to optimize it. If you think everything is good, you can use social media to promote your landing page. Paid channels are also an option. Remember that creating an eBook is not enough by itself, you will add value by marketing it that is why you need a good marketing plan when you are working on your eBook.