Growth Hacking Myths #4 : You will fail without Growth Hacking

Out ot all myths this one hurts me the most. That’s why i wanted to put it towards the begining 🙂 I’ve been working on the concept of growth hacking since 2014. So, basically this is how i earn my living. But the truth is what it is. Growth Hacking is a great framework for developing a growth oriented work environment. But if your vision is not to implement it, you can still grow. You can use online marketing, offline marketing, social media, business development or a combination of these. You can still be successful on these areas and hit your target. Just like you can get your team into working on your product without  agile methodologies. But as agile does, growth hacking offers a great methodology with its rules, ceremonies and guidelines that you can use on the path to glory. It does offer a way not “the way”. 

Make no mistake; even if you use growth hacking as your bible to success if you don’t use it properly you can fail. If you don’t treat as a set of methods creating a system, if you can’t understand it good enough to help your team inhale it into  their every cell, you are still left with russian roulette. You can’t win a battle with the vessel itself. You still need soldiers to carry your banner.

The good news is it works. That’s why it’s so much of a “hype” in the digital world and that is why you are reading this post. I’m not going to explain every bit of the success stories to prove my point. “x great examples of growth hacking” (x being a random number) kind of articles are easy to find on the net. Quick verification on my end is; If it didn’t i’d be out of business long time ago. I believe in it, i practice it and even help start-up’s practice it via 3 accelerator programmes. So, if you decide to go with it would be a wise decision. But if you don’t its not the end of the world. 

Just make sure if you do choose to create a growth team or employ someone with the title make sure you understand what you need to do in order to get the engine running. If you ever need help, our consultants at RuleSimple can help you lead the way.

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