Growth Hacking Myths #3 : Growth hackers have a cheat sheet for growth

I’ll be honest with you, i’d love to have a great cheatsheet that can be applied to every product and growth is hacked. Done. Congratulations! Think about number of products you can sky-rocket! I’d be at Bahamas smoking cigars on my super luxury yacht. I actually give this dream example to people in daily basis if they expect me to achieve growth for their business in couple of days. And incredibly they do. Thus the myth #3 is born.
The bitter truth is the one nobody wants to hear; it’s a process baby. Growth professionals are tasked with creating, driving and motivating as well as being part of the growth team. So that the experiment backlog can be filled with plausible hypothesis and tested rapidly to find the break for what’s working. The exploitation and eventually saturation of the method follows. Of course, you’d be looking for new ways, new combinations and formulas so you can keep going after the previous one is depleted. Think of it as a oil rig; we keep searching for one until we find a good reliable source and we pull as much as we can until it’s totally consumed.
Of course, we don’t discover the world from scratch every single step on the road. In most of my mentoring sessions, i try to understand how this particular start-up is using it’s channels and give a holistic look at the product, website, social media and the way they get in touch with their audience. It’s unbelievable that a lot of startups still don’t have a clear strategy for communicating their leads and more so their existing users. One example would be a start-up i’ve gave consultancy couple of years ago, they did not provide a way for their users to give feedback quickly and easily. Just saying you can see our email address on our site or app download page doesn’t really work. I’ve done the easiest of tasks to integrate intercom and ask people if they had anything to say to the creators of the app. We’ve received almost 1000 replies within the first hour. Boom! you’ve got engagement from your paying and non paying users. This doesn’t need to be experimented. What you can experiment is how and what do you say to your users over this setup. We eventually created 1-7 day experience roadmap and contacted users in multiple forms (in-app messages, push notifications, emails with A/B, etc.). Now, you have the platform for experimentation.
To sum it up, if you ever come across a person sayin they have the magic formula look at their name tag and if it doesn’t say Guy Kawasaki or Sean Ellis or Noah Cagan, or Garyvee; start running. if it does ask him if he’s been drinking. There is no cheatsheet. There is no shortcut. There is hard, rapid, hungry work to find where the oil is.